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In 2022, about 13 000 children under 18 in Switzerland were involved in the separation or divorce of their parents. This results in Swiss children growing up within a diversity of custody arrangements and often residing across multiple homes. However, we still know very little about the stability of these arrangements and their impact on child well-being over time.

Understanding the impact of post-separation custody arrangements on child well-being is crucial for developing effective family policies and legal regulations. It provides empirical evidence to guide decisions affecting children in cases of union dissolutions.

In the FamyCH project, we will explore the well-being of children in different custody arrangements following separation or divorce, as well as in non-separated families. Our main goal is to better comprehend family relationships and to gain valuable insights into the factors that put children’s well-being at risk and those in Switzerland that promote resilience.

FamyCH comprises four studies that employ an interdisciplinary approach involving social demography, psychology, architecture, housing studies, and law. By investigating these crucial aspects together, we aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of their combined effects on child welfare.

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We appreciate your interest in our research and look forward to contributing valuable insights to enhance child well-being in Switzerland!


– The FamyCH team

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